monday morning, back again...

Hello everyone... Monday has arrived and i'm back in the blogging world... It was so wonderful to have some time off from everything and enjoy some birthday fun and relaxation. Thank you SO much for all the sweet birthday wishes! Really, it was so nice to read everyone's comments/tweets during the past week. I had a really great time... got to do a few things i've been wanting to get to, had some visits with friends and some time to think of how i'd like to get moving on a few projects. Inspiration always strikes with a little down time! So, a fresh start it is... new projects and things to do, with hopefully a lingering feeling of relaxation and calm into this brand new week... (and some healthy food, lol... i've had waaay too many treats!)

Photos: 1. Scan by Dress, Design & Decor from Setting Up Home by Gail Abbott - photo by Polly Wreford, 2. Fieldguided, 3. Brigitte Sire


thesecondface said...

beautiful blog and awesome photos : )

wanna follow each other?


mäggi and noelle

toller blog : )
schöne fotos!

xoxo mäggi und noelle


sofia said...

Lovley images, I found this blog yesterday and it's already one of my favories! Keep up the good work

The Iconic Blog said...

So glad that you are back and replenished!xx


im zoe said...

gorgeous blog, and stunning images!



christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Happy to hear you had a lovely birthday week and happy to have you back:)

classiq said...

Welcome back! Wishing you a wonderful week!

Fiamma said...

Good luck with your new projects! I am glad you had such a lovely time :) And I am even more glad you're back to blogging :) I love your blog!



The Wise Take said...

I hope you enjoyed your birthday! Happy Monday!

Lily said...

Glad you had a great birthday, always nice to get some relaxation in over the weekend. Love the shelf on the second picture !


carla said...

beautiful images, esp. the first one. my idea of spring is just this - a cozy chair by a sunlit window and a shelf full of books. love your blog, pls check out mine if you have a moment! :) xoxo


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