yesterday's ballet...

Hello everyone... definitely feeling the stretch in my calves today after one too many reléve's in yesterday's class! Always fun though, working on our tendus and turning out, our polynesian step and jumping straight up in the air with one foot in pirouette position. I think my face was red from exhaustion at least for an hour after, lol. A few of the girls have signed up for Summer class and I think i will be joining them as well! I'm hoping that eventually I can sew some ribbons in my shoes. When I was younger, they were sew on a few grades into R.A.D. I'll have to see if my teacher actually approves though. They just look better that way!

Hope it's sunny where you are today... and if it is, could you possibly send some sunshine my way?

Photo: DizziyLIzzie129 of Flickr


Lindalou said...

I don't think I can ever tire of images of ballet shoes. So classic.

amy b.s. said...

so impressive. i love hearing about your ballet!

Daniella said...

Oh yay! Thanks ladies... glad you're liking these posts :)

Julie said...

Your ballet posts totally take me back to my younger years of dance. I remember getting busted by my super strict German teacher for stuffing lamb's wool in my shoes. So not allowed! I miss dancing and sometimes have very vivid dreams of doing it again.

eclecticrevisited said...

I'm excited for you for taking dance...too fun.. :)
and yea, what a workout..

Alexa said...

Beautiful image!

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