a new (2 day) week...

Hello everyone... The sun finally came out to play this weekend, making it gorgeous outside! I actually managed to get a little bit of colour without burning, shocking my for Scottish skin (my brother managed to get the Italian side it seems, while i'm always layering on the SPF45). It was really nice though, just lounging in the hammock and enjoying the weather. Can't wait to do a little more of that later this week, as i'm taking a long, long weekend, and will be off on a mini vaca starting this Wednesday.

Hope your Mother's Day weekend went well!

Photos: Intensify It, Claire of Clumsy Bird Flickr


Jenna Lee said...

So jealous of your mini vacation! I would love to be laying on the grass in the sun today it beautiful! Love the photo!


andrea despot said...

i LOVE these two images together! perfect!

so funny that you're pale and you're brother is not, because that's exactly how it is with my brother and i (though i tanned really easily as a child. i guess just don't spend as much time outdoors as he does.)

amy b.s. said...

oh how i miss the sun!

Alexa said...

Ah so jealous...we had a gloomy weekend. :( Boo...come out come out sun!
Love the photos by the way!

Lily said...

Lovely photos. Love the warm weather !!


Alison Reid Style said...

Glad the sun came out--I empathize with you on layering the SPF 45, I have those marvelous Scottish genes as well! Ravishing photos by the way.
xo, Alison

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh wow, mini vacation....sounds perfect to me, especially if that sun hangs around!

Brittany {Gallery No. Eight} said...

Me and my brother are the same way! He tans like nothing and I am either pasty or burnt. It's just not fair haha

ModeKarussell said...

Love the way you combine these inspiring pictures! Fits perfectly together.

Hope you'll stumble over my blog too ;)

dCc said...

have a fabulous week and weeekend my darling!


eclecticrevisited said...

I have that fair skin curse too.. :)
hope you enjoy your long vacation...

Bryn Noel said...

LOVE that top!!


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