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Whatever would we do without the creative genius that is Martha Stewart and her talented staff? I spotted this "garden Rolodex" in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living and can't get over what a great idea it is! I always come across the prettiest flowers during the Summer season for pots on the balcony, but then forget their names the following year. Keeping all the plant tags in a collection like this is perfect for remembering, don't you think?

From Martha Stewart's "Good Things":

"Preempt your garden-center amnesia by creating a portable garden index on a key ring. Trim a plant tag at its base, place it photo side up on a shipping tag, and staple it near one end so you can easily read the flip side. Group the tags on a key ring, and make notes about where you sited the plants in the garden or pots."

Photos: Scan by Dress, Design & Decor from French Garden Style by Georges Léveque & Marie Francoise Valéry, Scan by Dress Design & Decor from Martha Stewart Living July 2011 by Emily Kate Roemer


reub-envision said...

tremendous idea !

South of Market said...

So true: what WOULD we do without MarthaStewart.com ?!

justine | lovemaki said...

wow, that first image is so dreamy!
and what a beautiful way to keep track of your plants & flowers.


Ashley said...

Such a good idea! Martha never lets me down!

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